Monday, May 09, 2005



The wind, her hair.
Breeze so slight,
Dances of flowing strands.

Golden band, a gleaming stone,
Assuredly, rested on a finger.
To the host of heaven, wedded.

A step falls, another follows.
Strides, majestic.
A look, a fixation,
Tranquillity beckons.
A glimmer of hope for love lost.


Her voice rings,
Hope alive,
To the surface, purpose and focus rise.
Clicking, making music tapping the keys,
Wondering what key to the unknown she holds.

I wonder, I stood up, and I wandered,
Navigating the tiny space I occupy,
The hair would not leave, nor the assured walk,
Her confidence permeates my ambience,
A Lady.

The 'Chi' within your guide.


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