Wednesday, February 08, 2006

This dream, this life

On the bed, lay he,
an empty bottle, a hand,
evening sun, drifting rays,
a smile, peace, floating sleep,
endless slumber, a dream,
floating, dark ceaseless tunnel ascending.
At Einstein’s speed, brightness approaches.
Gleaming light, ends awaiting.
Brightly shimmers, soul to welcome.

The body, but only out,
drifting above, seeing all.
Frenetic struggle for the body,
for the boy.
Frantic Doctors, nurses frenzied,
struggle to defeat,

Others worried,
but peace, only peace fills he,
then, nothing, blankness.

on his bed he lay,
slowly, eyes-life shutters open,
morning sun and rising dew.
A living dream this is.
Back, to find his role,
on this stage,


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